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Cheap card i/o or converter to connect to mac optical spdif


need a temp I/o for my mac pro. just sold my apogee symphony rosetta setup and I am using the internal card for a month or two and need a temp solution that doesn't make my ears bleed.

Are there any old tech converters like Lucid or older rosetta 48k, where those 24bit? or something I can buy for a couple of hundred bucks used that would be a decent temp solution? Open to a card or an external rack unit that can connect to the system optical spdif. doesn't not have to be HD. just 24/44 and sound good. 

what about kurzweil rumour, finalizer or finalizer express, DBX Quantum. Would any of those work and be an upgrade to the built in mac sound card?

Why temporary?

Have a look at the new mboxes: http://www.avid.com/us/products/Pro-Tools-Mbox-Mini

They're pretty awesome. I'm looking to get one myself.

I have had issues with the mini-TOS-Link optical S/PDIF on my Macbook Pro.  It works OK with a Tascam CD burner but won't drive my Apogee Mini-Dac.  Seems like the light intensity is just a little too low for some optical receivers.  Opposite direction might not be an issue, though.


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