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Author Topic: Ringing out a new [software] compressor ???  (Read 1357 times)


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Ringing out a new [software] compressor ???
« on: December 10, 2004, 08:05:39 pm »

I'm using the slang sense of the term 'Ringing' meaning discovering the capabilities and characterizing a new compressor that you've never used before. I thought some of you might be moving toward more software type plugs - or trying them out at least and forming opinions.

So if you want to actually see how fast your new compressor is and the spec says it's .1ms or can even do .020ms attack time - do you run some bursts, play your favorite 'spikey' musical test material or whatever. Just because the spec says one thing doesn't always mean it isn't just a little wishful thinking on the part of the vendor. In addition to that some controls are marked in the 1-10 fashion so I assume some folks would like to get a sense of how much 'better' 8 is than 7 and when and why...

Anyway - maybe you have some comments or links or keywords about how you folks put a new compressor thru it's paces when you break it in ?


ED: Well OK then all knobs work as spec'd or you just twist them till it sounds right. If it doesn't sound right then you pull a different tool out of the tool box...I guess that's it instead of some empirical calibration you might run a compressor you haven't used befor thru.
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