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Amek Mozart getting racked


I'm new to this forum. At the SOS-forum, James Perrett (Moderator) referred me to you.
A friend gave me an AMEK MZ15-RN and another AMEK MZ11 I/O module in order to rack them up in a pair (its larger than a 19" rack unit). He has 30 more of those at his studio in a box waiting for me as soon as I get the first pair running ...
I found the pinout on the "DIY simple machines" forum, and now I have a couple of questions about the pinout and in general:
- What is the power consumption of each of these modules? I already made the PSU with 500mA on each 18V and the 5V rail. Would that be enough? With both modules connected they seem to power up.
- What exactly means "ISND", "IRET", BRET" and "TRET"? Is it "insert send" and "insert return" (for effects loop), "B-souce return" and "tape return"?
- do you have a schematic for any of  these I/O modules? I'm asking this because it is possible that both modules are damaged somehow.
- At the armrest side of each module is a small 5 pin connector (J9 on the MZ15RN), probably for the fader. Does these module even work all right without a fader? What's the pinout of this connector?
I know that's a lot of questions, but I need these modules to get running and so far I couldn't find the correct signal path.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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