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how do I test electronic components?

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Ok stupid questions. if this should be moved to kletts forum, move it.

I was told to...  

"Junction test the transiters"

how do i do this? just see if it measures voltage on my multi-meter?


"Just ohm the burnt resistors, and replace".

how do I "ohm" them?


"Junction test the transistors and replace the bad one(s) or shotgun all of them".

shotgun means to replace em all without testing? and again.. junction test?


"Check the i/o caps, or shotgun them".

i assume he means to check for leaking caps. how would i check and verify before and after voltages?


"Put an AC voltmeter on pins 1 and 7 of the op amps and see if you have signal. If you do, look at both sides of the output caps. Compare left channel w/ right to see what's supposed to be there."

I think i can do this.

damm techies..

the only one I know is the "ohm test"....just see what kinda resistance (ohms) you get from the resistors..and if it's incorrect then you need to replace them....

so... send some voltage through the resisters, check the printed value of the resisters, then do the math?

I need a good web site for learning and applying this stuff.

I feel like such an idiot for not knowing this basic stuff.

craig boychuk:
You can find a simple color code chart here


I'll bet if you google some of the topics you're looking for, you will come up with some good info...



I hope you will not be offended by this but this is not the forum that you should be writing with this sort of problems.

I am sure some people wished to say this but I am prepared to be the bady in this instance.

Cemal Ozturk


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