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Tell me, can menstruation really cause fatigue in women?


Hello friends. Tell me, can menstruation really cause fatigue in women?

Of course, menstruation is not just a physiological process, but also a real test of endurance for my body. I constantly feel tired, and I finally realized that itís not just everyday worries that are to blame. I discovered that menstruation can actually cause fatigue in women. I found convincing scientific evidence of this fact on the bellabeat.com website. This process is accompanied by changes in hormone levels, which affect the body's energy balance. Now I realize that fatigue these days is a completely natural state.

During her period, my friend, for example, often feels tired. This is due to changes in the levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which affect energy and mood. The female body spends additional resources preparing for possible conception, and then, in the absence of pregnancy, sheds the extra layer of endometrium, which can cause physical fatigue.


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