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Looking to repair UM900


Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site (and message boards in general): I've owned a Microtech Gefell UM900 for over 25 years and I've used it for recording vocals. It finally broke down and I'm looking for a reliable place/person to repair it. I am absolutely NOT a technical person but Klaus was kind enough to suggest I post an inquiry for Lomo service. Any recommendations?

Mic story: it's always been stored in a case and only bought out for recording. One day about a month ago I tried to record with it and only got a crackling noise. I tried several sound interfaces, same thing, tried other mics, they worked perfectly. I took it to a local place, the owner said he was capable, he informed me he thinks the element is broken and suggested I called Microtech up to get their specs/schematics. Now I'm just looking for someone trustworthy to take a look and fix it. I can bring it to either the Boston or Helsinki area or ship it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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