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Oeriginal U67 Brass K67 Capsule - Any Good?


Derek Samuel Reese:
Klaus taught me that you can not judge a capsule simply by looking at it, you have to connect it to see how it actually sounds.
Iíve been looking for a brass u67 capsule for my 1963 microphone for a long time and I finally found one.
The guy whoís selling this capsule does not offer returns.
Can anyone take a look at it and give me there opinion just on looks ?

Derek Samuel Reese:
Here is the other side of the capsule.
Itís hard to tell from these pictures if a lot of the gold has faded away from the Mylar or not, I asked him to send more pictures so we will see.
I would imagine if too much gold has faded away after years of cleaning etc it would affect the sound ?

Diaphragm surfaces look good and are original. Capsule box is from a different capsule.

You are taking a chance assuming that a mid-1960s K67 will automatically sound superior to anything that came later.
That is not the case, in my experience. Aside of recent, bass-starved versions, K67 and K87 with plastic diaphragm rings (same acoustic properties) have been excellent through the decades.

Yet, I have encountered excellent, mediocre and awful brass K67 in the same physical condition as this one.

Assuming that you are a discriminating listener who wants more than just a period-correct capsule for your vintage U67, I would negotiated with the seller a three-day trial period.

Derek Samuel Reese:
The capsule I have in my u67 sounds fabulous.
Itís a 1978 capsule which is fine but thereís something nice about having a period correct capsule in my u67 providing it sounds great.
Good advice as always Klaus :-)
I am going to try to negotiate, but if he wonít budge then I will only offer a small amount for it.


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