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U47 headbasket history

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Is the following statement found on another forum true?  I did not think this was the case...

Chrome = M7
Matching Matte = K47

Historical accuracy - chrome head baskets with the M7 were coming from the Microtech Gefell factory (the original Neumann Factory) shipped to Berlin for assembly on to U47 bodies.
When the Iron Curtain fell and Georgs wasn't able to freely move back and forth to pick up capsules from Neumann-Gefell, they started making the K47 at the Berlin factory and switched the finish on the headbaskets to match the microphone bodies

You are right:
There is no direct correlation between Neumann capsule type and head basket finish.
M7-equipped U47 came with chrome and nickel-plated baskets. Chrome-plated baskets were replaced in late 1956 with the nickel version, and K47 were first installed in late 1958 but not consistently: there are 1960 and 1961 U47 and U48 versions that originally still came with M7 capsules!

I have no verifiable information about the claim that any of the U47 baskets were made in Gefell (which was NOT where the "original Neumann factory" was located, but where Neumann moved to escape allied bombings during WWII).

Thank you Klaus, for all those details.

I want to add something.

Any post WWII M7 have a different groove around the diaphragm, so it is very easy to tell Gefell from Berlin M7.

There are also multiple contemporaneous writings about making the M7 in Berlin.

You can see the extra groove on the Berlin M7 vs Gefell, as well as the watch hand style center connect on Gefell.


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