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My 20 year old Yamaha 02R96 has been giving me headaches for some time now (freezing on bootup and sometimes dropping fader automation). So, I found an 02R96VCM at a good price  and bought it. It seems to be working fine.
Here's  my issue:
With my old machine, I used Yamaha Studio Manager Version 1 quite a bit to backing up things like my "standard" (favorite) setting and automation programs. I want to use those things with my new mixer. For example, I'd like to be able to restore an old mix automation.

The problem is that Studio Manager Version 1 (which came with my old 02R96 ) uses a data format with the file extension 02X, while Studio Manager V2 (which the 02R96VCM uses) uses a data format with the file extension YSE.

Is there a way to convert .02X files to .YSE files (or is there a way to get Studio Manager Version 1 to run with the VCM mixer; I doubt there is)?

Thanks for the help.


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