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Is this a real KM84?


guy mcdude:
Hello All,
I came across this mic ( pictured on the far left) as I was interested in adding to my others.

A few things struck me as odd.

the three "drill marks" on the connector ring

and after now having it in my possession for evaluation, I noticed its very different cosmetically than my other three.
[silk screened model]
[different serial number font]
[ different pad switch]
[different color]

so....Im wondering could this be a counterfeit?

the sound is close...but I've heard bigger differences in "known" microphones.

any insight would be appreciated.

all the best,

guy mcdude:
picture of the 3 drill marks.

guy mcdude:
Just bumping this post, was hoping some folks who have seen (or worked on ) more than the three Iím familiar with could offer some opinions.



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