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Ben Bones:
Help me write an essay. It's very hard to do because I can't think of anything.

Jack Noster:
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Paul Johnson:
What is the point in cheating? If you have problems, sort them. Too many graduates cannot do the things their degree says they can - and you'll get found out quickly.

The funniest thing I had was when working for a UK exam board - I used to go to colleges around the country to validate grades awarded. One was very impressed with one student, and wanted to show me their work as it was my specialism. I looked at it and agreed it was top quality - very good stuff, but a shame that on the next page Word had autocorrected 'Luminaire' into 'Luminary'. She looked confused. I turned over and there was 'Luminary' for all to see. The student had stolen the whole thing from my web site. What were the chances they'd stolen work from the bloke from the exam board!


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