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What can I use to take advantage of interface's S/PDIF input



I recently upgraded to new interface for recording with Studio One and ProTools. It's an 18-input interface with inputs 9-10 via S/PDIF and 11-18 via adat. I don't have or plan to have an adat, but I was curious what kind of device I could use to take advantage of the SPDIF inputs. I have an older 2/2 Presonus interface with L/R main outs, but not sure that would work. What kind of device could I run two inputs into that I could then send into the new interface via SPDIF?


A stereo analog to digital converter with S/PDIF output? ( unless i am misunderstanding you, something like an 8 channel mic pre/converter with adat output would allow you to record 8 more channels via your interface)

Jim Williams:
Any converter with S/PDIF will work with it. For the ADAT lightpipe I/O I use a RME ADI-8-DD digital interface rack, it does all the conversions easily. I bought one used for $500 a few years back.


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