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2012 SOS Preamp Comparison Opinions?


Good day ladies and gentlemen.

A way back in 2012 SOS created samples of many preamps using three sets of microphones and gave us access to the results.

Do Expensive Mic Preamps Make A Difference, https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/do-expensive-mic-preamps-make-difference

Blind comparisons were carried out and results tabulated.

I search for comments or discussion on this here on REP but I could not find any.

I have listen to these on my own playback system in my studio and it seemed to kick the hell of preamp snobbery?

Differences yes, consistent identification based on msrp No, agreement on "best" or even trends No.

Has anyone else here with a lifetime of experience reviewed these and have an opinion?

Best regards

Tom eh

Canadian eh


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