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How is everyone doing in 2022???


Thomas W. Bethel:
Covid-19 has been an ongoing problem for most businesses today. My two businesses are still doing OK but nowhere near what we were doing two years ago. Not sure what is causing the downturn in business but COVID-19 seems to be one of the factors. The other seems to be that most musicians today do their own recording. mixing and mastering and don't see the need for sending their material out to a seperate mastering engineer. Our audio restoration and transfer operation has been busy with lots of projects incoming. Our video production business is also busy but nowhere near the pre pandemic era. I am wondering how others are doing? Has the pandemic altered the way you do business? Are you as busy as you were pre pandemic? What seems to be the trend for the future? Thanks in advance for any and all comments. BE SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY!


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