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Paul Johnson:
I record piano fairly often in churches and other places with Nice acoustics but often get asked to record them in ordinary homes with little or no acoustic treatment - I did this one with a number of different techniques and mics, and also did some experiments - so could be useful background. As usual, I've also broken a few 'rules' - see what you think?

Everland Studios:
Very interesting video Paul. Thanks!

I have left a comment and question regarding "what pair without EQ or adjustments sounded most like being in the room listening?"

I'll see if/when he responds.

I have had conversations with him before about stereo microphone recording.


Tom eh

Well as always a quick reply came through to my question.

I'll quote "Well, oddly, the sound captured just after 12 mins in - the underneath placement of a single mic actually sounds the most similar to the sound in the room. The two pairs of close mics seem to have detail, but less depth and the Blumlein, though further away sounds more balanced, but you can hear the room component, which is less in the others."



Paul Johnson:
I've been offered a really cheap grand piano, and I've just had some building work done here. My wife, who I expected to reject it out of hand has said yes - so I'm now faced with exactly the problem I described above. I played some piano music in that room a week or two back and frankly, it didn't sound good. Rather than record a friend's piano, I might now have to do my own.

The biggest hurdle so far is transport. Quotes to move the thing so far are more than I have been offered the piano for!


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