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Mics for voice (mainly) for youtube or videos - comparisons


Paul Johnson:
I noticed a trend on Youtube for people to be using more and more mics like SM7B - one I've never really paid much attention to, despite having one. I thought I'd have a runthrough of my collection and am building the results as videos on youtube. The format is just a chat about each mic and a chance to hear what it sounds like. I had the idea to have an intro on every video on the SM7B, and then switch to the mic being reviewed. So I started with the SM7B vs an SM57, and I've added ALG 414, Neumann TLM 103 and 87 with a dirt cheap Samson C01 - I got a couple of messages asking me to add what they sound like on a guitar, so despite my limited skills on them, I've done that too. I thought I knew my mics pretty well, but the results on my voice are not quite what I expected. I'm going to keep adding new ones when I can, and will also include some older and stranger ones. My purpose I think is to prevent people wasting money by getting very expensive mics and assuming they will get huge differences. The videos are already showing the differences are all moderate to subtle - no big shocks so far, although I have just bought a cheap Chinese 'TLM 103' which I suspect will be pretty horrible - I haven't actually heard it yet.
Here's the first video
and this one is the link to the cheap Samson


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