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Hi Klaus, can you please tell me, what year is my microphone and capsule, and is it all original?
Thank you very much

Delivery: spring - summer 1979 with replacement capsule made 1982.
All stock-original.

4. First generation of plastic diaphragm rings (ivory color), whose mounting screws were recessed into the plastic, to be flush with the ring's surface, ca. 1966 to 1980

5. Same as above, but with white instead of ivory-colored rings, since ca. 1980

6. Same as above, but diaphragm mounting ring screws no longer recessed, since ca. mid 1980s

If I understood correctly from this ...
My capsule has ivory diaphragm ring and mounting screws were recessed into the plastic. It says number 2 ... after that it was 1972
maybe I'm wrong because I ask you ...

As far as I can see in the picture, the screws are highlighted above the plastic and the ring is white, shouldn't my capsule look like that if it was 1992 ...

Not sure how a capsule from 2011 (your photo) relates to your case?

Due to a typo (since corrected) I misstated the year of your replacement capsule. It is 1982, and the "ivory" period was a darker color than your capsule surrounds which are considered "white".

Your capsule fits category #5 in my description of K87 capsule generations

Of course, now everything matches ...
I found a 1982 capsule on Reverb that looks identical to mine, even the serial number is very close.
Thanks again for the help!


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