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Converters on low cost interfaces


Jay Hills:
There are some new low cost audio interfaces currently available.  I was advised that there were good converters on Lynx Aurora line, but for me, it would be a large investment.  So I was just wondering if there are any acceptable converters on any of the interfaces priced around 10% of the Lynx gear.  If the converters are only 10% as good, then maybe I have to seek investment in my project to afford it, however if they are like, 80% as good, then maybe I can record a lot sooner.

Specifically, I've seen the Volt have a claim about their converters being, 'world class,' or something.  SSL has an affordable interface, there are others.  I have an old Roland Octacapture.  I also don't know where I'd find this info or know if I would be able to figure it out if there were specs available on the AD/DA.  So that's, 2 questions.  Maybe a 3rd question: Are R/E/P folks using the specs or ears to determine the answer to the converter quality question?

I didn't really care up to this point because I was only doing demos for myself but now I'm considering something to be sent for mastering and release.  I don't wan to send something out to be mastered only to have the guy say, wtf is this you are sending me? I can't do anything with it, go back, get better gear and redo it, try again later, newb.


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