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AKG 535 - Is there a way to darken the sound BEFORE daw/mixer/preamp?


I am using an AKG 535.  I want to reduce the high frequencies above 7k by about -3db.

To remove the exaggerated high end of this mic to flatten the upper frequency response ( or cut everything off about 6 or 7k ).

- BEFORE signal reaches the mixer, preamp or a/d converter
- that maintains high quality signal, albeit darker

I am imagining passive solutions such as:

- adding lots of foam
- a passive device or filter I can plug XLR into? 
- an inexpensive mic mod that any experienced local tech can do

Application is vocal 1-3 inches from mic.  Normally I go into Logic and monitor post eq which is a fine solution.  But sometimes I do live streams or zoom online and I don't have control over signal.
Does anyone have a suggestion other than changing the mic?

Thank you for considering



Scully Fan:
Hello Paul

What position do you have the filter switched to?

The reason why I ask is that the built-in high frequency tilt is often mitigated by having the HPF switched completely out when working the mic that close and taking advantage of the proximity effect. You still have intelligibility with the benefit of a bit of low end girth.

Other than that, a foam wind screen and peak limiting usually soften enough of the stridence to make things workable.

Good luck!


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