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I have the opportunity to purchase a C414 non "EB" version (often called the "Comb" version). It's the type that has the removable cable connector with the permanently attached cable, and a serial number in the 1500's on the body of the mic.  My understanding is that these predate the "EB" version. This one, however, has a teflon ring on the capsule. Would this version originally have a teflon ring, or were these equipped with brass capsules?


No 414Comb came with the Nylon (“Teflon”) surround. The mic’s original brass-screw capsule was changed out at some point, which sadly also removed most of this model’s attraction.

Thanks for the information, Klaus

Did the Comb versions all come with the red painted backplates, or were some of them the older clear ones?


The C414Comb, introduced as the C412 in 1970, and finalized with added hyper-cardioid pattern as c414comb in 1972, did not have red paint on the CK12 backplates but used opaque-lear backplates, like previous CK12 versions.

David Satz:
Klaus, what sense do you / did you make of AKG's use of "Comb."? What did it indicate that was different from microphones that didn't have "Comb." in their names? That has never been clear to me.

--best regards


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