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M49 inner rubber suspension piece needed- solution found


Hello Everyone,
Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement M49 inner rubber suspension piece to fix one with a badly deteriorated
original rubber piece? Thanks in advance.
-Charlie Bolois
Vertigo Recording Services

Hello Charlie, I assume you mean the lower amp suspension mounted in the bottom bell, not the foam buffer embedded in the basket.

Two options:

1. James Gangwer (james@jamesgangwer.com) had a few of those fabricated a while ago.

2. Cut yourself a new one using an original as template. Pay attention to rubber density (important, to find the middle ground between shock absorption and the positional stability for the amp) and thickness.

Thanks Klaus,
Yes I was referring to the lower amp suspension, mounted in the bottom bell. Not the foam upper piece.

I will reach out to James. If that doesn't work out, I had carefully traced out a new replacement one that I got a few
years back so I might have to go that route. I would have to experiment with procuring the correct rubber and all of that
so that may be time consuming.

Thanks again for your helpful suggestions.
-Charlie Bolois

I ordered a 6"x6" piece of 1/8" thick neoprene rubber sheet from McMaster Carr. Part number 1370N15, Durometer 30A.

I actually ordered three different durometer types but the 30A was just right, the others too stiff.

The disc is 65.5mm in diameter with a 25.5mm hole cut in the center. Make a 3mm hole about 9mm from any outside edge and then cut a slot to it, from outside to the 3mm hole but no farther. It works really well.
-Charlie Bolois

Excellent advice and resource. Thank you!


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