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body screw for milab dc-96b


Does anyone here happen to know what the thread pitch and screw size is for the body screw of a Milab-DC96b?

I have one here with a body screw that is absolutely locked. It was either cross threaded or has some kind of loctite type substance on it.

At some point I am probably going to cover up the headbasket (for safety), and just drill out the screw, but I would ideally like to have the replacement screw on hand when I do that.

Two pieced of advice:

1. Use a small-to-medium wattage solder iron, and hold it into the center of the mangled screw's head. The heat will eventually dissolve enough of the strength of screw locking chemicals to move the screw out (unless it's mechanically locked by other than chemical means).
This system of applying heat is fairly safe to surrounding components.

Invest in a thread gauge. I use this one: https://www.misterworker.com/en-us/stahlwille/screw-pitch-gauge-12665/9103.html

The diameter of metric screws is easy to determine as it always corresponds to the DIN M-size. For example, an "M3" screw has an outer overall diameter of 3mm.

Thanks Klaus, one worry was that after drilling out the screw, the remnants might be hard to measure to figure out the gauge. I *do* have a screw gauge though.

I appreciate the trick, it may leave me with something easy to measure.

Just for the random reader, it is definitely *not* a case where it is a grub screw that goes inward into the body.


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