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Author Topic: Floydian Earworms  (Read 2419 times)

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Floydian Earworms
« on: April 05, 2021, 04:29:24 PM »

This long forgotten forum hasn't had a lot of posting in a while.

Laid this down as a piece I can perform solo live. It was done in one take. Here's the sound and story.

Somewhere between consciousness and dreamstate our minds process the day and our experiences. During this time we recall events of the day. Sometimes those manifest in our mind as what's known as an earworm and get stuck in a loop when we "play back" music as we drift off into slumber. It may not be exactly as it was when it happened, but, more a facsimile or apparition of what we choose to recall. Sometimes....these earworms can last a very very long time.
How it was done.
A Korg Wavestate and Roland XP30 were used as synth and effects.
A 1991 Gibson Firebird is the guitar into the following chain:  Sib! Varidrive Pre/OD to Keeley Loomer reverb (Focus Setting) to MXR Distortion + 2000 to Echoplex pre and delay to N-UX Loop Core. (The reverb before the distortion gives a lofi but fun feel).

The Roland has some Pink Floyd sounds as does the Korg so I was able to program and play the pads and effects. The segue fade leads to On the Run which is done on the Korg and Roland. Playing with the modulation wheel in that part gives the fun stuff that adds to the sequence.

The backing track for the guitar and some synth (that you hear at the beginning) was recorded on the NU-X Loop Core and used throughout the track. The Korg "Lydian Spaces" preset was used as a backing pad that plays throughout. It's got some airy, lush swells that cycle through the piece The slide (heavy brass), leads and the  rest is played live as I switched between guitar and synths. All was recorded into Adobe Audition. Gifs were picked off the web and edited together in Sony Vegas to do the video portion.

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