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1176 Meter Issue


I am lucky to own two original 1176LN Revision H. On one of them, the  Meter is behaving in mysterious ways.......  Badly enough that I cannot calibrate the unit.
It just keeps doing different things. I am trying to figure out if it is mechanical or electrical or bizarrely both.

Starting from right now it is off. Meter at approx -10Vu.  If I gently drum on the meter with my fingers, it will descend to around -inf.
Turn on GR button..... It will rise to 0VU.  +4 or +8 it drops down to around -10, and again the drumming will get it to drop to -inf.
Now, during Cal attempts it will sometimes just stick somewhere in the middle, like 12 O Clock. Again drumming will get it to drop or a blast of tone will rise it seemingly normally.
Details:- I think is is intermittently wavering a minute amount, as if the DC driving it is dirty.
On a voice test the meter behaves seemingly normally, including GR, but again settles at -10VU.
Mea Culpa, I have adjusted the mechanical zero in the past. I did not realise this was a do not touch, factory setting.

If I am further lucky, someone here will have seen this type of behaviour before......
Also, where could I buy a new Meter if I need one?

Tx in advance, DD

Sounds like a sticky meter.

Tz Doug. It does indeed. Although there have been indications that the meter drive circuitry may be in trouble too. Intermittent oddness...... Before I have to buy another meter from the States, I am inclined to take a look inside.  First issue, how to dissolve the Loctite on the meter holding screws?
In a UA manual I found a warning not to tweak the physical zero screws on the front of the meters. Too late! Anyone here known what to do with them?

Right then. Meter is extracted and opened up. The coil is very close to the magnet at top right vs a big gap at bottom left. Anyone know how to recentre?


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