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How To Open A Neumann U87 Head To Inspect The Capsule


I have been getting so many requests for step-by-step instructions on how to open a U87 (same as U67) head, I've made it a permanent look-up:

- Remove all three head screws completely

- If you are right-handed: grab the (upside down positioned) grill with your left, and hold the head assembly with the fingers of your right hand, by pressing on three sets of 
  two adjacent head pins as follows:
  thumb between pins 3 and 4,
  index finger between pins 5 and 6
  ring finger between 1 and 2.

- Slightly lift and angle ONLY THE FRONT of the head assembly by gently wiggling it back and forth, until the purple pattern selector barely clears the rim of the head basket 
  (do not yet lift the rear of the capsule assembly!)

- While still keeping the back of the assembly (and its 2 fragile attenuator switch nipples) in its original position, move the slightly angled front of the capsule assembly
  forward, as far as you can, until the purple pattern selector is positioned beyond the rim of the head basket. This is the greatest distance you can obtain to finally be able to
  clear the attenuator nipples, barely past the rear rim of the head basket.

That's it. It's also the only way how you can remove it without breaking the nipples. Reassembly is in reverse order.

Best of luck,
Klaus Heyne


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