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Coronavirus: How To Decontaminate Microphones


Social distancing is not an option in the intimate relationship between singer and microphone. But there are effective ways to clean off and kill airborne viral shedding deposited through touch, spit, cough and sneezes on the surface*** of microphones and pop screens. There are ways to completely kill any virus including COVID-19 on these surfaces.


* Moisten a lint-free cloth with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. (That dilution is optimal for killing the virus and flushing it off. Contrary to common belief, 100% concentration in not   
  as efficient. You need the water to flush.)
* Put on a pair of surgical gloves- the cheap kind from Harbor Freight is just fine.
* Rub the cloth gently over all surfaces that would be exposed to droplets emanating from one's mouth, nose and fingers.

Pop Screens:

* In a bucket, make a bath of luke-warm water and soap. I use Ivory- a great grease cutter (the stuff that kills the fatty protective layer of the virus)
* submerse the pop screen in the bath, soak it for a few minutes, then shake it up and down, to flush water through the screen.
* rinse in clean luke-warm water
* dry the screen: rough drying with a towel, final drying in front of a heater

* Remove and discard gloves.

*** So what about Corona suspended in spit, deposited on the capsule? That will take care of itself after a few days- viruses just die a lonely death there all by themselves, with no one to infect to make new babies.

Excellent - thanks. What works on the mics themselves would also work on clips / shockmounts, right?
How about mic cables?

Yes, same procedure and same dilution for the alcohol.

Depending on the cable jacket material, alcohol might dry and crack it. (U47 “rubber hose” cable comes to mind.)  Would soap and water for cables be as effective though?

Good point. Soap and water for the following mic cables:

Early C12 and U47 cables, and old black Belden instrument types (one and two conductors with braided shield)


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