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Modified rack gear for sale


Jim Williams:
Lexicon LXP-15 II for sale. Heavily modified with the newest Analog Devices sample and hold chips, a rare "K" grade BurrBrown converter, Rel Cap polystyrene sample and hold cap, a rebuilt power supply, low noise signal opamps, WIMA and Panasonic caps, reduced input gain, very quiet and great depth. Bought new, no rack rash, looks new with very low hours.

$250, will ship international.

Original Cloudlifter, $75

Gap 73 mic preamp. Modified with super low noise Toshiba 2SC3329BL transistors, WIMA and Panasonic caps, a rebuilt power supply, decoupled meter power supply, A Jensen JT-123 BMCF output transformer, great low end depth and top end clarity. Like new condition, used a couple of times.


Aphex 107 mic preamp, modified with the newest SSM2212 matched input transistors, the new Burrbrown low noise fet OPA1652 opamps, Panasonic and WIMA caps, improved power supply and a NOS GE 12AX7A tube. Very quiet and clear sound.


Jim Williams


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