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Fender Single Spring Reverb Tank?

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Eddie Eagle:
I have my Blackface Pro Reverb Amp getting some work done on it and the repair guy says I have a single spring reverb tank in it.
Anyone have any info on those? I see info on 2-3-4 spring but no single spring. It's not working so it'll be replaced with a multispring Fender product.

Blackface era was a two-spring reverb tank.  I have never seen an intentionally made one-spring but I have seen tanks that have lost one whole spring.

Eddie Eagle:
How does it lose a spring? just sproing off at a connector? ") I'm going to get the old unit back so I'll have a model number of the unit.

Jim Williams:
Springs break off from the end connector. It's soldered through to the brass end cap with a magnet in the center, it moves therefore it can break. Fender uses Accutronics "A"  8 ohm drive coil 2 spring 19" tanks.

I've replaced many over the years with Type 9 three spring models in the medium time constraint. Fender used the long reverb time tanks. Those tanks are available from:

Eddie Eagle:
Here's a pic of that spent reverb tank. Got a new one and had the amp pots cleaned and vibrato fixed stuff back into good shape.
The Pro Reverb sounds great again.


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