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Clocking problems


Thomas W. Bethel:
Doing some cassette transfers. My chain is Tascam 122 MKII cassette deck into a Benchmark ADC-1 A to D converter then into a Z-Systems 8 by 8 digital router and into my RME audio card on my Windows 7 Pro computer. I am using WL 9.35.5 for my DAW. I am clocking off the Benchmark ADC-1. Everything has been going smoothly until yesterday when a problem occurred. The client wants all the material at 96KHz 24 bits. Yesterday the clock on Wavelab started counting very slowly and even though the RME card app said we were at 96 kHz we recorded the material at half the speed so when played back it was twice as fast, Turned off the computer and turned it back on. No change. Checked all my settings. Turned off the Benchmark, no change. Turned off the Z-System router and no change. Waited about a minute and everything was back to normal. I am stumped. Any thoughts or suggestions? Some help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thomas W. Bethel:
Final update. I purchased the word clock daughter board for the RME card. We installed the word clock board in the computer and are now clocking the Benchmark off the RME. Seems to be stable and works well. FWIW


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