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Neumann U67 Reissue: Complete Tear Down and Analysis

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Derek Samuel Reese:
Fair enough, i will leave it at this-
I will use other words to describe what i heard- the reissue cable did not sound as full as the other cables, to me it lacked emotion.
I personally chose the Belden cable because it sounded better to my ears.

It is a difficult topic for many reasons, but one thing that seems to lead me to some interesting observations is to listen to the quality of the noise floor...bringing it up to a level where it can be easily heard. Be careful with monitor levels, etc.

If the actual sound of the noise floor shifts in a truly discernible way, sometimes it can seem to correlate with perceived differences in the audio output. The frequency distribution of the noise floor can have some interplay with the perceived sound quality of programatic audio. What I personally find interesting about that way of listening, is that sometimes it leads to realizing that certain things can sound cool, but may be inferior in some other way.

I think that aside from that, if you are actually auditioning audio through a given system, it leads to quicker and most solid conclusions to use a constant, looping source, whatever it may be, as opposed to sources that are unique each time, whether it be in performance or minor variances in distance from the mic.

Anyway, these comments arenít aimed at any particular cable brand, or maybe even particular piece of gear, just general statements.


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