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David Satz:
No, it's not necessarily a joke. Some years ago I noticed a substantial difference among Neumann's published frequency response curves for the KM 88 especially in the figure-8 setting, but also in the cardioid setting. Two sets of those curves are attached here. I posted a question on the late, lamented Neumann Pinboard about it (I think in 2004; I will try to find the exchange), and Martin Schneider explained that the capsules in the final batch of KM 88 microphones had increased diaphragm tension because (if I remember correctly) a Swiss radio organization had placed a sizable order for them, specifically for use as announce mikes.

--best regards

If that special-order batch at the end of the KM88 run exists, it would be great to add details to my narrative.

Short of details, those mics, if they existed, would have LESS, not more bass than the bulk of the series. They also would have the revised head basket- easy to tell.

uwe ret:
Increased diaphragm tension = less low frequency sensitivity (less bass)!


--- Quote from: klaus on January 30, 2018, 01:26:26 PM ---That was a joke, right?

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I was remembering poorly, David Satz's contention. Hence earlier more bass...

Given that some of the first headbasket type must have had capsule replacement it always concerned me when looking for KM88's.I have 2 88's with 5 pin small tuchels and an 88i but have never thoroughly compared them.

BTW: which SDC has the best bass in Fig 8? KM86 with the gap between the capsules a bit greater?

This came up when I was looking at Ambisonic mics and the original Soundfield Capsule designer claimed there were no terribly bass responsive fig 8 SDC's, even those resolved from an ambisonic array, and therefore that pattern use in outriggers/DECCAs/double MS was problematic (apologies for sidetrack).


--- Quote from: David Satz on January 30, 2018, 07:39:10 PM ---No, it's not necessarily a joke.

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If the bass difference is much more pronounced with figure 8 and cardioid, compared to omni, perhaps proximity effect is a factor?


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