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Hello David,

What you unearthed from the obsolete Neumann Pinboard is indeed fascinating.

As KM56/SM2/SM23 capsules were used in KM88 which were discontinued in the mid-1960s, Neumann must have increased diaphragm tensions on existing capsules in their shop for the last batch they sold.

This would have addressed the on-going issue of arcing holes in these super-thin nickel diaphragms, especially when the mic is used for spoken word: close-up use and consequent 'plosives exacerbate the arcing problem.

It is indeed possible to increase diaphragm tension on these capsules by carefully adjusting assembly components (I have done this), but  it can be hit and miss, trying to dialing in a specific outcome on a metal diaphragm thinner than 1, so I assume quite a few capsules were trashed in the process.


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