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Author Topic: A800 stop light off, capstan creaking  (Read 7301 times)


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A800 stop light off, capstan creaking
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:32:58 PM »

Hi Gang!
I have a Studer a800 problem (specifically that it's not working). I'm hoping there's some awesome knowledge out there that can get me up and running again! Here's the symptoms:

1. Stop light is off. This isn't the normal flashing safe mode thing, it's just plain off. I suspect it's not a bulb thing because it started at the same time as the other symptoms.
2. Remote flashes on every two seconds or so for a very short time. All zero. Disconnecting it doesn't help.
3. Capstan motor makes a very quiet ticking/groaning/creaking sound and the synch deviation led is on. If I spin it by hand to the right speed the sound goes away and the synch deviation light goes off. It seems like it's trying to keep going but doesn't have the power.
4. Timer display reads 22.05.84 (maybe software rev?) and doesn't clear or change

General info:
I Recently replaced the switching regulator card, but it has old filter caps. The machine worked fine after I did this for a few hours, but then I hit fast forward and a little later hit play. It didn't brake the supply reel correctly, a half foot or so of tape spilled off the reel and then it stopped working.

Voltages on the stabilizer card read correctly

Just testing for transistor voltage drops in only one direction (looking at BE and BC) I found:
MDA power transistors test okay
Transistors on rear rail test okay

I'm not sure what else to test, any help is appreciated greatly!
- Garrett Sawyer (Northfire Recording Studio)
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