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Sony PCM-3402 power supply


Dominick Costanzo:
We've a Sony PCM-3402 machine that has a power supply failure.
A sub board in the supply, Sony part # 1-614-406-11 had 3 components fail.
One of the components, D12, exploded. It's face with the part number becoming one with the cosmos.
It is a 3 leg item, most likely a half wave rectifier.
Although I have a full service manual, the supply, Sony Model UR-08, is referred to only as a part in the manual.  No schematics or component lists are in the manual. Without a parts list I have no way to attempt repair.
A month of communication with Sony Professional Electronics have lead only to dead ends.
Sony Professional Electronics has thrown out and destroyed all spare parts, test jigs, and documents related to this machine.


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