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Pop Filters: Which Work? Which Suck? The Lowdown

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Any metal pop filters-basically zigzagged sheets of sheet metal with holes drilled into them to let sound through, are insufficient spit protection for condenser mic capsules. Every time I see spit contamination on diaphragms, but the client insists that a pop screen was always used, it turned out to be one of these metal sheet filters.

Derek Samuel Reese:
This looks very interesting, i saw this being used in a vintage king video during a microphone shootout.
But it looks pretty thick ?

Tested it and wanted to like it (the distributor is a good friend and was instrumental in launching the KHE mic).
But the foam has a flaw: comb filtering. How could this be? I scratched my head for days. Until I came up with the answer: many of the holes in the foam have exactly the same diameter and passage footprint. You multiply a specific acoustic obstacle by a thousand, you get a resonance frequency.

Why must we constantly try to reinvent the wheel, just to make a buck? Come up with a better compromise between transparency and spit protection a dual-layer stocking screen for $20 provides, and I will use it.

Derek Samuel Reese:
Hmmm, well i am now curious to try a dual layer stocking then :-)
The same could be said about playing an electric guitar, guitar, choice of strings, pick, cord and so on.
Each element contributes to the overall sound :-)
Do you mean a home made one or is there a particular dual layer you favor ?
Also Bob Olhsson's comment said-
"Make a popping sound with your mouth and move your hand around to find exactly where no blast of air can be felt."
THAT'S the place to put the mike and forget about pop screens!
But if i place the mic say slightly above the air blasts then i am getting more of a nasal sound from my nose, if i lower it then its in the throat area ?
either of those positions are not directly picking up your voice.

Home-made: Two-dollar embroidery hoop / crochet ring (https://www.michaels.com/loops-and-threads-wooden-embroidery-hoop/10124154.html) with free, from willing donor dual-layer pantyhose is just as good as the stuff you buy at Guitar Center.


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