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Pop Filters: Which Work? Which Suck? The Lowdown

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Tell me about it!  So hard to get them out of the carpet....

I recently purchased a Pop Audio Studio Edition.
The gooseneck is great, stays in place and is very mobile. There's a choice of a metal, cloth or foam filter that twists onto the gooseneck. It's also well thought out and made. I find its design clever and very user friendly.

It's not exactly inexpensive at around $100 USD, but it gives me three options and works to my satisfaction.

Hermetech Mastering:
I really dig the Rycote one too.

John Willett:

--- Quote from: Derek Samuel Reese on January 18, 2020, 07:15:05 PM ---This looks very interesting, i saw this being used in a vintage king video during a microphone shootout.
But it looks pretty thick ?

--- End quote ---

This is the Håkan Pop Killer.

The foam is hydrophobic (does not absorb moisture) and is acoustically transparent (fabric ones can colour the sound)*.

It is available in 10 different versions and spare pads are available.  The pads are easily washable and dry quickly (hydrophobic).

Foam is double the thickness of the Rycote, so is more effective in preventing plosives - but still totally transparent*.  The thin wire frame does not affect the sound as it's thinner than the wavelength of the highest audible frequency*.

* the poster's opinion. KH


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