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Pop Filters: Which Work? Which Suck? The Lowdown

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Eddie Eagle:
As a daily user of a pop filter, I made sure I followed Klaus advice on the color Black. I've been using the VAC 6 inch PopScreen for many years. Quite adjustable to accommodate your acoustic environment it works well. This pic shows ways to configure it.
A quik tip technique for singing or narrating is to smile and purse your lips on plosives. It's a part of a vocal talents arsenal of training for performance

Derek Samuel Reese:
Initially the home made pop filter i made was great but after tracking vocals this evening i realized that the stocking didn't help my plosives ? tonight i was singing a little closer than i usually would and that could be the reason. But the s's and p words were very much over bearing.

Try the filter as the distancing device.
Rather than putting the popper stopper close to the mic (which inevitably makes you want to lean in, because the bass proximity effect is so enticing!), put it 6" from the front of the mic, and get close to that. A double layer of pantyhose at that distance from the mic should in most cases do the job.

Eddie Eagle:
+1 on the 6" distance. I typically am 6-12" or 1-2 fists away when working.

A bit of distance is good for clarity and it makes the level changes less dramatic if the singer is moving, i.e. alive.

Ideally one would have the mic a bit overhead and 2-3 feet from the singer, old school. No need for a pop shield.  But that requires a large neutral vocal room.

Here's something from my Book of Opposites: Increased distance shifts the spectrum of the pop downwards.
A foot or so away you get earthquakes, while at an inch or two it is only a pffft. 


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