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Pop Filters: Which Work? Which Suck? The Lowdown

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Jim Williams:
My wife keeps me stocked with used pantyhose here. One way I found to evaluate these pooper stoppers is to put a pair right over your ears and listen to your best playback gear. Usually you will detect the filter effects that way.

Brilliant. That's exactly how I evaluate pop filters as well, and a perfect method to detect comb and all other kinds of filtering, and the degree of opaqueness pop filters will introduce.
Funny how people don't believe in free or cheap. Especially when they don't trust their ears, they choose expensive ones, every time.

Come on Klaus, cheap Chinese mikes dont sound as good as expensive Neumanns! So sometimes expensive is best.

Pop sceens!
Mics? Reverse psychology.

Klaus,I think you mean an embroidery hoop. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embroidery_hoop


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