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The Myth of the Accurate Microphone

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--- Quote from: soapfoot on August 02, 2017, 10:54:28 AM ---
...And in art--even that art which relies upon science--a subjective impression (i.e. "this microphone sounds more musical to me") is certainly admissible.

--- End quote ---

 Sure it's admissible but to me an isolated comment like "this microphone sounds more musical to me" communicates merely that "I like what I'm hearing".

BTW enjoyed your guitar playing on "More than you know"  "Steppin' Out" and "Sly".


Communicating "merely" that you like what you're hearing-  is not sufficient?
If you think there's more, what is it, and what mic transports it?

You mentioned musicians, producers, engineers considering flat mics - and you specifically mentioned B & K and DPA mics - not "musical".
But they would probably happily use a KM184 in certain situations where neutrality is considered important and the acoustics allow. As I understand it, the KM184's response would be similar to that of a 1/2" omni  B & K measurement mic. What would be the difference in your opinion?


Who wants to hear a singer's every slobber, lip smack, and snot bubble afforded by an "accurate" mic and/or "transparent" preamp? Microphones are best when they represent the capture of a musical performance in a pleasing way.

Is  there a mic out there which is insensitive to "slobbers",  "lip smacks" and "snot bubbles" but let all the "musicality" through? Now that's one "intelligent" microphone.  What's its make and model number?


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