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Rack Stuff FS


John Chiara:
Gear For Sale

DBX 160a(5)-$200
DBX 160xt(2)-$200
DBX 160x-$200
RNC 1773-$140
Aphex 651(3)-$150
COMMUNITY 4x15 Cabinet
Radian Apex 15" coax wedges-$1100/or
Crest X-VCA 40w/ case-$2000
Crest X-Monitor w/built in splitter...40w/case-$1750
Racks with multipin connectors.
56 Ch Snake...Jensen transformer split plus passive split with Pin 1 switch. 200' FOH/50' monitor trunks. Full size rack with 3 full size wood drawers.-$2500
Yamaha SPX 990-$175
Roland SRV 330-$100
Roland SRV 3030-$200
Range C4 Compressor-$300
Rate G4 Gate-$300
Crest 7001 amps
JBL MP255s 2x15 subs-$600/pair
Peavey SP 4G 2x15"+ horn speakers-$800/pr
Allen Heath MixWiz 2...$250


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