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Yamaha PM2000 custom 2-bus master fader question


Matt C.:
the PM2000 seems popular around here and I've a question about one of the modifications people like to do - adding a proper 2-bus summing amplifier. 

The circuit itself seems simple enough (I'll probably use one of the ACA summing boards from Classic API), but I'm wondering how people physically add the necessary parts.  Seems like each of the 8 groups would need 2 assign buttons for L/R, you'd need to add a stereo master fader somewhere, and two output jacks (or four, if you want insert points). 

Is it easiest to just cannibalize two of the matrix channels for all this?  Or is there really room to drill out the face plates and add extra parts? 

I know I could technically get by without these options (I could hardwire all odd buses left and all even right, and use a dummy resistor in place of a fader, as if the fader is always fully up), but the inflexibility of that might get frustrating.

Any tips would be great, thanks!


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