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I was in session tonight and was in the process of trying to lock PT and my 827 together and shit just didn't work. I eventually gave up and came back later. This is really odd. What am I missing?

1. Pro Tools seems to be "waiting for sync" online even though the SYNC window is seeing incoming TC from tape.
2. All settings in the Session Setup window appear to be accurate (SYNC< LTC<REF PRES<LOCKED) but PT sits there like a dolt responseless while the SYNC (and session window) see the TC move by.
3. Pitched the Prefs, unplugged all of the Lynx hardware to simplify the system, running as lean as I can make it and it still doesnt work.
4. Session Setup window sees incoming TC however main TC window in PT does not.
5. After shutting down and rebooting the system locked on the first try but after I rewound the tape it never locked again.

I'm starting to think the SYNC box is broken but it seems to be ok. If anything I think PT is broken because half of it (the software) cant see TC.

Any idea what I'm missing?

Wrong timecode rate?


--- Quote from: radardoug on May 04, 2017, 04:16:36 PM ---Wrong timecode rate?

--- End quote ---

I can't believe it. You got it. I have no idea WTF I printed on this tape but it ain't 30/24. Very painful lesson learned, Upside is I spent all day blaming PT and upgraded to PT 10 finally.

I hate eating crow online...

Its a smart man who admits his mistakes! Sometimes these things stare us in the face and we dont see it.

Always check for 24Hr issues....


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