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Cable for Sony DMR-2000 <=> DTA2000 error analyser

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Hi folks, we are still searching.  The required cable has a 33-pin connector as per the photo, and a 36-pin Amphenol at the other end.  It is needed for the DTA-2000 to display timecode during spooling, but also so that the DTA can control the DMR-2000 to cue it up etc.  You can run without it, but it's a bit messy.

Hoping that a mastering facility with DTA-2000 and DMR-2000 will be familiar with this.  Is there anybody out there?  Cheers - Brett.

We only have DMR-4000s here, but as I recall an advantage of the DMR-2000 vs the DMR-4000 was that while fast spooling on the 2000 the tape is unthreaded from the transport path.  This was more kind to tapes but I believe might also mean no TC while fast winding.

Have you tried reaching out to Sony Music Studios or maybe one of the DADC plants?

As you are probably aware, you can still program start and stop points on the DTA that will read off the TC XLR in.  We do this for our 1630 archival transfers.

I suspect there aren't many of us left with working 1630 systems.  I'm curious as to how many tapes you have to transfer?  Most labels here seem to have made transfers to audio files already.



Hey Tom, yes I believe you are right, the DMR-2000 unthreads for faster spooling.  I don't recall if it reads code while spooling; probably just CTL track.

I was the Creative Department manager at Sony DADC Australia, there for 12 years before I had to step down due to health reasons.  Most of my 1630 stuff comes from there, which is why it's frustrating trying to find this cable; I installed it and it was in situ and working until a couple of years ago when the building sustained water damage and the older mastering rooms were decommissioned. 

I deal with people who still have the odd 1630 (or 501/701 etc; often they don't know the difference).  There's also some record companies etc who still throw the odd request.  As part of our policy to have 'one of everything', I'm trying to nail this in my spare time.

I might try some of the other plants.  Thanks for the idea.  Cheers - Brett.


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