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Hi folks, we are setting up a Sony PCM-1630 playback rig for Archival work.  We have a PCM-1630, DMR-2000 and the DTA-2000 error checking unit.

However there is a cable which connects the DMR-2000 and the DTA-2000 which we don't have, and getting information about it seems very difficult.  It's a 33-pin black plastic body connector (DMR-2000 remote) to 36-pin Amphenol  (DTA-2000 'VTR' connector).  All we have is the attached pic - someone has chopped the original cable.

The manuals for the DMR and DTA both have 'pin assignment' tables but no actual cable interconnection diagram, and it's impossible to determine which logic line from the DMR should connect to whichever one on the DTA.

Wondering if (a) anyone might have a cable they could sell us, or (b) a working cable that we could copy the connections from.  We can operate the system without it, but it is needed for the DTA to display timecode during spooling.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

It's been so long since I had a DTA, wish I could remember the cable.  You're going to need it if you're playing old PCM tapes.
Good luck, maybe one of the old-timers could recall.

The DTA connects to the status port on the 1630, using a 25 pin to 25 pin cable.

Good luck!


Hi guys, thanks for the replies.  Yes this is 'old timer' territory, and I guess that makes me one!

To clarify: we need the cable that connects the DMR-2000 to the DTA-2000; it's shown in the DTA manual as Sony part number 1-558-117-11 'Cord with Connectors (33-36)'.  One end is as per my photo; the other is 36-pin Amphenol. 

We don't need the Cannon-D Status cable or anything else.  Or the DMR-4000 to DTA cable; that's a standard Amphenol which makes life easy for DMR-4000 users!

I'm hoping that an existing Mastering facility using DMR-2000's (not 4000's) can help.

Hmmm... I'm pretty sure the DTA status port connects to the 1630 not the 2000.  The only connection between 2000 and DTA would be for timecode.



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