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Thomas W. Bethel:
This is a great forum with lots of great people here. Why is it that no one uses it?

Just wondering???

Hermetech Mastering:
Lots more activity over at PRW Thomas.

I'm guessing... Social media, keeps the mind busy and makes the eyeballs tired. aka  Media over load! Plus, the desktop has no finger swipe sliding , hehehe
 ::)  ;D Kidding, but there is some truth in it..

I'm an old fan and member and appreciate the community here, no matter how small.


Todd Loomis:
I didn't even realize this forum was still active until today...  most of the people I know who used to post here are over at PRW now...   Looks like a few people are still lurking on here though.

Hermetech Mastering:
Yes, I am only checking here infrequently now. I've found the RGO forum the best recently, but no mastering specific sub forums, but I kinda like it that way.


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