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Author Topic: In the studio with Foo Fighters: how to produce hit records  (Read 2433 times)

Jack Garufi

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In the studio with Foo Fighters: how to produce hit records
« on: March 13, 2017, 11:30:39 am »

How can you stop someone like Dave Grohl? Like he said: “I was in f***ing Nirvana, dude!”.
And if we decided to end our story here, that would be fine. Enough said.
But picture this: it’s summer 1994 in Seattle, WA, and just a few months have past from Nirvana’s final break-up following Kurt Cobain’s tragic death. Kurt wasn’t just a close friend to him, but he was the person with whom Dave had built that “little” piece of history called Nirvana.
And all of a sudden, everything had ended. Dave was 25 at the time and had been on the road since he turned 18: he was now living an intense period of his life, with very few certainties. One of these certainties was, and has always been, music.
Dave figures out that the best way to overcome his loss is to carry on making music and decides to dust off some old demos he recorded on his own when he was touring with Nirvana. His biggest concern was being pictured for the rest of his life as “that guy from Kurt Cobain’s band”, so he decides to start a new project called Foo Fighters (the name came from what American pilots called “unidentified fireballs”, spotted over Germany during World War II).
Let’s discover how “the nicest band in rock” worked in and out of the recording studios...

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