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Hello all,

I am a complete ignorant in this microphone and sound area, but I am currently in a project in which we want to isolate the cough sound of a user the best as possible, and I don't know what microphone(microphones in the case that only one microphone won't be able to significantly ignore other sounds, so that I apply alghoritms for blind source separation) I should use.

Should it be unidirecional or omnidirecional or what else? It is supposed to be placed in the upper chest (something like this: http://prntscr.com/e7eyke).

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

Tim Halligan:
What your diagram indicates is a lavaliere microphone.

Most microphones of this type are omnidirectional, although some cardioid microphones are available.

I'm not sure if your project goal of isolating the cough sound means that you WANT the coughs, or you  want to EXCLUDE the coughs from the dialogue....in either case, no such discrimination is possible. The microphone will capture all of the sound that is presented to it.

Placement on the wearer might help to a degree, but realistically you'll be looking at downstream processing to achieve the results you want.

Hope this helps.



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