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Kendrick Lamar: How to produce a succesful record


Jack Garufi:
While I was researching To Pimp A Butterfly – watching documentaries, reading interviews – my imagination kept pushing me more and more to associate Kendrick Lamar with Ezekiel Books, the character from the Netflix series The Get Down.
Like Ezekiel, Kendrick is not your stereotypical rapper, he is more of a engaging poet, who moves in a world on the outskirts of reality, protected by his black hat, looking for his inspiration, Shaolin Fantastic.
Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Shaolin Fantastic’ is Derek Ali, a 25 year-old audio engineer, capable of channelling all of the input from the team of producers behind the scenes of the project, into a unique three-dimensional experience...

FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://bantamu.com/tips-and-interviews/16-kendrick-lamar-learning-from-dr-dre-how-to-produce-a-succesful-record

Interesting article... thanks for sharing


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