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Studer A800 Mk1 Sync Issues ?


Hey guys ! New here but have read posts over the years. Seems like the sort of information I need may be better suited for this forum as opposed to GS or Tape Op.

So we have a Studer A800. I was told it was a MK1 but modified to a MK3 when I bought it. Iím starting to find that this was a lie. The only thing MK3 about it is the transport and headstack. Everything else seems to be MK1Ö So we have tried to Sync the machine to a Lynx TimeLine for use with Pro Tools. We wired everything up, but after a bunch of trial and error, we are finding there is no tac coming out of the HD78 DSUB connector on the back. We verified there was tac on the card however. Iíve heard mixed things about this. Iíve heard that I need different transport cardsÖ Iíve heard they never connected that part of the DSUB for sync on the MK1ís as well. Anyone gotten a MK1 to sync to timecode ?


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