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NYC East Village Music/Media Studio, Production Space(s) (Changed again)


Basement space with very high ceilings, bathroom, AC, 24/7 access, large freight elevator. 1.5 blocks from subway. Can be rented as one space or up to three separate spaces. Whole Space is approx. 2000sf, includes spaces 1, 2 and 3 as follows. $7500/mo + electric. 1. Isolated, floated control room, live room w iso booth, machine room, lounge area. About 800sf. $3800/mo + electric. 2. Two rooms with dividing wall and window, large storage room. About 800sf. $3100/mo + electric. 3. Single room, about 200sf. $1500/mo + electric. (#3 can only be rented along with one of the other spaces, or after the other spaces are rented.) Rick 212 505-5363


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